Kala Madhyam is dedicated to supporting and empowering traditional (folk and tribal) Indian artists and artisans through systematic and sustained development efforts. We seek to ensure their social and economic well-being, nurture creative community enterprises,
  foster global recognition and collaboration for indigenous arts, and promote, protect and preserve the integrity and diversity of Indian art, craft and culture.
Kala Madhyam is about People, Arts and Culture-blending to form a cohesive whole.
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Kala Madhyam Store
A "social entrepreneurship" venture initiated to bridge rural crafts people with urban markets. The store has exquisite paintings of over 15 tribal and folk art forms, a wide repertoire of handicrafts and specialises in wall murals. We are committed to develop an enterprise where over 60% of profits go directly to the crafts people. An effort not just to help sustain rural employment but also to encourage and protect indigenous craft traditions. » more
Kala Madhyam Arts Mela
The Mela is a synergetic blend of Indian cultural traditions: folk paintings, handicrafts, folk and tribal performing arts and foods from all over India brought together on one platform. A key objective of the Mela is to provide direct market opportunities for our craftspeople. » more
Kala Madhyam is moving to a new Location in Bangalore.

The Phone and Email address will remain the same. We will reply your inquiry promoptly by email.

We would like to thank all our customers for your continuous support.

From the rugged beauty of Kutch to the etheral hill country of Arunachal; our products come from every corner. Step in to our Store and find a whole new world! » more